When you purchase an insurance policy, you expect your insurer to look out for your best interests. In the event that your insurer does not have your best interest in heart contact a bad faith insurance lawyer in Albany GA.

However, oftentimes, insurance companies intentionally or negligently make decisions to increase their profits while failing to provide you with the financial protection that you paid for.

When an insurance company negotiates in “bad faith,” you may have grounds for a claim against them. As these cases can be challenging to navigate, it is recommended that you contact our legal team at the Shrable Law Firm.

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Proving “Bad Faith”

Collecting evidence that your insurance company acted in bad faith can be challenging. For instance, a disagreement with an adjuster over how much your claim is worth does not necessarily mean that they are acting in bad faith. You must prove that the insurance company failed to pay out valid claims which they were contractually obligated to pay.

Some of the common ways that insurance companies may act in bad faith include:

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer in Albany GA

  • Delaying the claims process to avoid paying the subscriber
  • Withholding money from the subscriber
  • Denying benefits without any corroborating evidence
  • Withholding information pertinent to the claim

Speak to a Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer in Albany GA

If you have reason to believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith, the first step is to draft a formal letter of accusation, detailing the claim and damages that must be paid out.

If an insurer still refuses, then it may be time for litigation. At The Shrable Law Firm, our bad faith litigation attorney does not shy away from confronting insurance companies in court.

Whether you are looking to settle or go to court, our reputable Georgia injury lawyers can help. For more information about bad faith litigation in Albany, please give us a call at (229) 518-9209.