Putting yourself or a loved one into a nursing home is a difficult decision. It takes careful planning and lots of time to find the right home with the perfect fit. Once in a home, you count on the medical professionals and staff members to provide a safe environment with the appropriate care. Should your loved one’s nursing home prove negligent or abusive, seek from a nursing home abuse lawyer in Albany GA with The Shrable Law Firm right away.

Our Albany personal injury lawyers know the ins and outs of laws related to this kind of abuse and have experience helping others in similar situations. With compassion, respect, and an unyielding desire to protect your family’s well-being, Attorney Beau Shrable can fight back and help you seek the justice you deserve.

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What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse?

Many people are surprised to learn that nursing home abuse in Albany, GA, is as prevalent as it is. Unfortunately, many of these facilities do not provide the care and support that they advertise.

Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Albany GA if you think a loved on is being mistreated.

Nursing home abuse can be:

Physical – Such as hitting, shoving, and rough handling
Mental/Emotional – Such as verbal abuse, insults, withholding mail, and preventing visitors
Sexual – Such as inappropriate touching
Neglectful – Such as failing to treat illnesses or failing to check on the resident’s health
Manipulative – Such as the exploitation of residents for money or personal gain

How The Shrable Law Firm Can Help

Our personal injury firm is eager to intervene in situations of nursing home abuse and help you find the peace and justice you deserve. Nobody should have to endure the abuse of any kind in a place of care. At The Shrable Law Firm, we do everything in our power to thoroughly investigate the situation and hold the nursing home accountable. Leaving no stone unturned, our Albany nursing home abuse attorney can gather every conceivable bit of evidence and build a strong case. Your family’s safety is our priority.

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