Property owners have to make sure that their properties are free of hazards. If this duty is breached and there is an injury sustained as a result, then you can get help from a premises liability lawyer in Albany GA. At the Shrable Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers are ready to help in filing the lawsuit and ensuring you receive the right compensation for the injuries you have gotten from the incident.

A premise liability lawyer is going to help you know your rights under the Georgia state law, whether you were injured in a private area like a personal residence or office building, or a public place like a shopping mall, a park, or store.
If you or a loved one has been involved in a premises liability accident, then start by filling out the case review form so you can get a free evaluation for your case. Georgia has a time limit for filing a premises liability accident. This is why you are advised to contact a premises liability as soon as possible.

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Common Injuries Occurring in Premises Liability Cases in Albany

Premises liability cases are usually the ones occurring in another person’s property in Albany, GA. This area of law covers several accidents. However, some occur more often than others. The most common type of accidents we have been able to see are;

  • Slip and fall on a wet surface
  • Tripping on an uneven surface or unmarked step
  • Children playing in an unsafe area and getting injured
  • Faulty stairs or railings
  • Getting struck by a falling object
  • Escalator and elevator accidents
  • Structural failings that can lead to injuries

A premises liability lawyer in Albany GA reviewing an injury claim.

This does not cover all the types of injuries under this law. Any injury you have gotten when on another’s person’s property or business can be seen as a premises liability claim. When you talk to an attorney, you will be able to know whether your case is going to be considered a premises liability case.

Who Is Responsible For Injuries in a Premises Liability Case?

The person considered liable for the injuries is the property owner, and the insurance of the owner is going to cover this. Property owners are required to exercise reasonable precautions when it comes to the safety of people in their property, and this is why they are liable for the injuries.

To prove a claim near Albany, four facts have to be established:

  • There was an unsafe condition in the property
  • The owner knew about the unsafe condition or should have been aware if they were taking care of the property
  • The owner did nothing about the hazard and did not provide any warning to the people in the property

When the above four conditions have been established, the property owner is going to be considered as being negligent. This means you or your loved one would not have been injured if the property manager was more careful. Their negligence will leave them liable for your injuries.

In other cases, the contractor working on the property, the tenant, or property manager might be considered the negligent party and they are going to be held liable. When you bring the case to use, we are going to determine the liable party and present a strong case.

What if A Child Was Injured in a Place Where They Were Not Supposed to Be In?

Children will tend to choose to play in areas considered unsafe when they have the chance. These are areas that would be considered dangerous by an adult – examples being a half-finished building, an empty swimming pool, or deep pool – and children see them as being a good place for them to play in. If your child happens to get injured, it is important to keep in mind that they are not at fault.

Adults usually have better judgment when compared to children. This is why property owners need to make sure that their properties are safe for both children and adults. Hazards need to be secured so children don’t get injured when they come close. Some examples include;

  • Unused areas like drained pools need to be fenced and locked. The fences have to be high so that the children cannot climb over and get inside.
  • Hazards like open pits need to be properly covered using something a child cannot lift or open.
  • Fencing the construction site so that the children cannot enter the area.

What If I Got Injured in a Friends or Neighbor’s House?

One thing we hear regularly from our clients is that they were injured in a friend’s or neighbor’s house. They usually have a hard time paying their medical expenses because of the injuries, but they don’t want the awkward position of accusing their family member or friend of the wrongdoing because it can end up damaging their relationships. It is natural for you to feel this way, but receiving the care you need is more important – and you don’t have to be stuck with a bill for something that wasn’t your fault.

The good thing is you don’t have to accuse a relative or a friend of wrongdoing. When a claim is filed it is going to be between you and the insurance company. Your relative or your friend is not going to be asked to pay for anything. They even don’t need to know about the details of the claim.

What If the Injury Happened At Work?

You are going to have the same rights at work as you do anywhere else. If you were injured when you were at your workplace, you might be able to file for worker’s compensation claim. Worker’s compensation is insurance paid by your employer, and it is going to cover any expenses related to injuries you got when at your workplace.

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At Shrable Law Firm, we are going to help you in determining if your claim will be a worker’s compensation claim or premises liability claim, and make sure you end up with the compensation you deserve.

How Much Time Do I Have for Filing a Premises Liability Claim in Albany?

The Albany courts are going to abide by federal and state laws concerning deadlines. The time limit for filing these cases are known as the “statutes of limitations”. If you don’t file the claim before the deadline, you are going to lose the right of recovering compensation for the injuries sustained.

The case details are going to determine the exact deadline. In certain cases, the statute of limitations is two years from the day of the incident. There are some cases where you have a short deadline and have to take action in a matter of weeks. This is why it is important to talk to a Shrable Law Firm as soon as possible.

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