If you have been injured because of a defective product, our product liability lawyer in Albany GA at The Shrable Law Firm is here to help you. As a consumer, you should expect the products that you buy to be safe for use. Whether it is a car, electronic, toy, or appliance, manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the products that they sell are fabricated to the highest standard of safety. When a defective product is sold negligently, the risks posed to consumers demands that the manufacturer is held liable.

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Who Is Liable?

In a product liability case, the manufacturer or retailer may be held liable for the injuries that you sustained. When it comes to defective products in Albany, GA, our legal team looks to gather all of the relevant information in order to build the strongest case possible. We investigate the way the product was designed, manufactured, and marketed. We look at whether the manufacturer failed to warn consumers that there were risks associated with using the product, also known as a marketing defect.

A product liability lawyer in Albany GA filing forms for an injury claim.

Common product liability cases include:

  • Power tools
  • Toys
  • Auto parts
  • Prescription drugs
  • Electronic devices
  • Appliances

Understanding the Defense

When you are seeking to recover damages in a product liability case, expect the defense to relentlessly contradict your claims. Due to the contentious nature of these cases, you want to be sure that you have our experienced legal team by your side. We combine years of experience with extensive research to provide you with legal options that place your needs first. At The Shrable Law Firm, we strive to give you legal counsel with realistic expectations.

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