Each year, Uber and Lyft vehicles are involved in accidents that sometimes injure the passengers. Some of these accidents are caused by the actions of the driver, such as lacking the necessary skills to drive safely on the road or just behaving negligently. In other cases, the accidents are as a result of faulty parts in the vehicle, other motorists, or other issues. No matter the cause, an Uber accident lawyer in Albany GA can help the victims pursue compensation for the injuries sustained in the accident.

If you were involved in an accident while using Uber or Lyft, there’s no need to cover the medical expenses on your own as you weren’t to blame for the accident. A personal injury lawyer who specializes in auto accident cases in Albany can assist you in seeking compensation for the damages that you incurred so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

Get in touch with Shrable Law firm to consult about your case today. One of our auto accident attorneys will provide you with all the answers to any questions and concerns that you might have, and also help you decide on your best course of action. Your best bet to recover the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries and other damages is to hire a lawyer to help handle the case on your behalf.

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Rideshare Accident Statistics

Currently, more people than ever use ridesharing apps every day. While these platforms are really convenient, they usually don’t mean that the commuters are safer. For example, in one study that evaluated accidents in a particular state, it was found out that Uber vehicles were involved in some of the most serious crashes compared to taxicabs during the last 6 months of 2015. CBS Atlanta also reported that in November 2017, a crossing guard was killed when a speeding Uber car struck her outside one of the schools in Cobb county

Following this accident, another incident occurred within the Atlanta area where an Uber driver was arrested for both speeding and marijuana use charges. At the point of the arrest, the driver was transporting a passenger in a rental vehicle. Such occurrences demonstrate just how ridesharing platforms are far from safe.

When an Uber/Lyft accident occurs, pursuing compensation is just not easy. That’s why it’s important to work closely with a qualified lawyer who has the experience and skills to handle Uber accident cases. The parties responsible for the accident will have to be identified correctly so that they can be held responsible for the resulting damages and injuries.

What are the Insurance Requirements for Uber Drivers?

Uber drivers who get into accidents with no passengers on board typically file a claim under their own personal insurance cover. However, there are some cases where they might not have ample coverage to cater for all the damages. in such a situation, the additional liability coverage may be provided by the ridesharing companies themselves.

So, if you were riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle when it got into an accident, it’s critical to discuss your case with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. With a professional lawyer by your side, you can be sure that you will get the compensation you need from the driver’s personal insurance provider, and if necessary, get the extra liability coverage from Lyft or Uber.

All Uber drivers have insurance coverage with limits of $50,000 to cover any injuries and $25,000 to cover property damages. 2015 saw the legislation of a law that essentially forces Uber and Lyft drivers to have insurance coverage of about $1 million limit. The ridesharing companies are now allowed to carry out background checks on all their drivers.

A driver using the Uber app.

The said legal requirements are specially put in place to help improve the safety of the commuters using the Lyft or Uber ridesharing platforms. However, it’s rather unfortunate that accidents still do happen. Whenever an accident occurs, passengers who are victims will need to reach out to an auto accident attorney that ideally specializes with Uber and Lyft accident cases.

The good thing about these lawyers is that they are well familiar with the ridesharing cases, and are also knowledgeable in Georgia traffic laws. As such, they are able to fetch their clients as much compensation as possible for the parties responsible for the accident.

What Types Of Uber And Lyft Accidents Occur Most Frequently?

Accidents that involve Lyft and Uber vehicles happen in several different ways. Keep in mind that the ridesharing accidents can not only affect the commuters using these platforms but also pedestrians and other motorists on the road. With an Albany, GA auto accident lawyer by your side, you can successfully pursue compensation for the following kinds of accidents:

  • 3rd party injuries that are directly caused by the driver of the ridesharing company (Lyft or Uber)
  • Injuries caused to the commuters due to the negligent behavior of the Uber or Lyft driver
  • Any form or property damage that’s directly a result of a Lyft or Uber driver behaving negligently
  • Injuries that are caused by the negligent behavior of an Uber or Lyft driver from another vehicle
  • Injuries to commuters or drivers in ridesharing accidents caused by defective vehicle parts
  • Injuries to the lift or Uber drivers due to either their own negligent behavior or the negligence of another motorist

Due to the fact that ridesharing accidents do take many different forms, filing a lawsuit is not always easy. In some situations, the ride-sharing companies including Lyft and Uber will try to reduce their share of responsibilities in the accident by claiming that they cannot be held liable for the occurrence of the accident, even if the driver and the passengers sustained injuries. Such issues demonstrate why you need to have a qualified personal injury lawyer by your side for accidents in Albany, Georgia.

Who Can Be Held Responsible When Uber Accidents Occur?

One of the key areas that a Lyft/Uber accident injury lawyer will help is establishing which parties are to blame for the accident that caused your injuries. How fault is determined in accidents will vary greatly based on the prevailing circumstances. In some instances, just one person or company is deemed to be at fault, while in other instances, the fault lies in several parties. An attorney who’s knowledgeable in the laws surrounding the ridesharing accident cases can help you figure out who is to blame.

The responsible parties can be:

The Lyft or Uber Driver

When there’s enough proof showing that the driver of the car was behaving negligently while transporting the passengers, the best course of action is filing a claim with the personal insurance company of the driver. The best way to do this is to consult with an Uber accident attorney, who will help create the best approach to file a successful claim. They will take you through the whole application process step-by-step, which will in turn raise your chances of getting the claim approved by the insurance company.

The Ridesharing Companies – Uber, Lyft, etc.

In some cases, the liability is solely on the side of the ridesharing companies, not the driver. For these cases, the companies will be responsible for covering the costs of all the damages incurred in the accident. Keep in mind that Uber and Lyft are not direct employers of their drivers. Rather, they are all work as independent contractors. This means that these ridesharing companies could easily deny that they have any responsibility for the accident when a lawsuit is filed.

Plus, if the driver’s personal insurance policy is inadequate, a skilled and knowledgeable attorney might be able to get you extra compensation from these companies. It’s important that you get a lawyer who is familiar or experienced with recent rulings, as they can easily use these rulings to effectively improve your chances of winning your cases.

Outside Parties

There are some cases where the responsibility of the accident falls to a third party other than the driver of the ride-sharing company. In such cases, the claim will have to be filed with the insurer of the responsible party. In case you’re filing a lawsuit, then you need to name them as the subject of the suit.

For example, in case the accident happens because there was an underway road or building construction and the company didn’t put up any signs to warn people about the danger, you can hold the construction company or the local government liable for the accident in your suit. Similarly, if the vehicle had faulty parts that directly caused the accident, the manufacturer of the parts of vehicle can be held liable for the accident and the resulting damages.

An Uber accident lawyer in Albany GA filing a claim for a client.

When it comes to accidents where third parties are held liable, your best bet is to consult with an Albany, Georgia personal injury lawyer who handles Lyft and Uber car accident cases regularly. Don’t forget that taking quick action is vital. Collecting the necessary evidence will always be easier immediately after the accident occurs, and taking prompt action will ensure that you file your claim on time.

What About The $1 Million Insurance Policy That Uber Has?

According to recent advertisements on the media run by Uber, the ridesharing company has a $1 million insurance cover that is set aside to cover any damages that result from accidents involving their drivers. Although this is true, keep in mind that there are usually some fine prints with these kinds of moves. In this case, the insurance policy only pays out in cases where the driver was transporting Uber passengers on a trip that they had already paid for, and when the damages incurred go beyond the limits of the driver’s personal insurance plan. Any accident that occurs when the driver was driving on their own time, on their way to pick up a passenger, or while waiting for a passenger will not be covered by this insurance plan.

Because the insurance policy implemented by Uber is quite limited, the best way to make sure you get compensated in full for your damages is to hire a personal injury lawyer who has experience dealing with Uber or Lyft accident cases.

What Kind Of Damages Can I Claim After An Uber Accident?

Following the Uber accident, your attorney will help you to identify the parties who were responsible for the accident. They will then help you collect the evidence and create a claim for your damages. to achieve this, they will review all your medical bills from the ER and the hospital, along with other medical bills you’ve incurred as a result of the accident. They will also review any income you might have lost as a result of the injuries. As such, your claim may include both tangible and intangible losses as a result of the accident.

While each case is unique, there are common damages that you could claim for with the help of your Albany uber accident attorney. They include:

Economic Damages

These are the damages related to money you’ve lost and costs you’ve incurred as a result of the accident. These include medical expenses, hospital bills, lost income, and property damage. Your attorney will help to put together all of your expenses along with any earnings you’ve lost or will lose in the future due to the injuries you sustained.

Noneconomic Damages

The damages contained under this category are a bit challenging to quantify. Major injuries might result in severe mental anguish and physical pain. Some might even leave you incapable of living your life as you used to. the noneconomic damages are specially designed to pay for the damages resulting from changes in your quality of life and wellbeing.

Punitive Damages

These damages usually don’t apply to every case. There are specially put in place for cases where the party responsible for causing the accident was behaving in a way that was too malicious or very negligent. Your lawyer might recommend pursuing punitive damages especially if there’s strong evidence on the same. This is why it’s crucial to hire the right Uber accident attorney to guide you and represent you in your case.

Should You Settle Or Go To Court?

One of the most critical issues you’ll have to consult about with your lawyer is whether to settle or take the case to trial. In most cases, the right answer will depend on the willingness of the other party to reach a fair settlement. Your lawyer will have to meet with the insurance companies to talk about the settlement details. In case they agree to pay up the amount you’re requesting, you won’t have to take the case to trial.

Nonetheless, although there are many benefits to settling, there are certain cases that tend to do well in court. Be sure to consult with your lawyer about your options before you decide on a course of action. Your attorney has the knowledge and experience to help you establish whether going to Albany, GA, court or settling is the right option for your case depending on the specific details surrounding your case.

Finding A Qualified Albany, Georgia Uber Or Lyft Accident Lawyer

When you’re involved in an Uber accident, the first thing you want to do is to seek medical care, and if you can, inform the police. After you’ve had your injuries attended to and notifying the police about the accident, the next step should be contacting a Lyft or Uber accident attorney. Of course, you should also report the accident to Uber or Lyft as well. Keep in mind that it’s absolutely important to notify the police and obtain a copy of the police report, as it can be used as evidence for your claim.

An Uber accident in Albany GA.

The specific circumstances surrounding your case will play a huge role in determining who will be responsible for covering all of your damages. In most situations, this could be the Uber driver’s personal insurance company, for others, this could be the Lyft or Uber insurance company, or the insurer of a third party. Many insurance companies usually have a time limit in place that you have to meet to receive compensation.

Of course, the best way to avoid getting caught up in these problems is to work with an Uber accident attorney in the Albany area. Building a rapport with a lawyer as soon after the accident as possible will help prevent you from making some common mistakes. And as mentioned earlier, gathering evidence will be much easier when done immediately after the crash, while memories are still fresh. Your attorney will also help make sure that you file the claim before the deadlines.

Schedule A Consultation With An Uber Accident Attorney In Albany, Georgia

Settlements and claim involving Uber and Lyft can be quite complex, especially if the companies choose to deny any liability of the accident, or just outright refuses to deal with your lawsuit. In such a case, a good attorney will be invaluable.

Shrable Law Firm is made up of a team of attorneys with extensive experience handling Lyft and Uber accident cases. We will review your case carefully and establish whether the best course of action is to settle or go to court.

So, if you were involved in an Uber/Lyft accident that caused injuries and/or damages to you or a loved one, we can help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve. Get in touch with our Albany injury law firm and schedule your free consultation with one of our Uber attorneys. We can help you go after the person responsible for the accident, and ensure you’re well compensated for the injuries and damages you incurred.