You should be aware that you have various options for legal recourse in case you’ve been involved in a tractor-trailer accident within the Columbus region. You should reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Columbus GA to find out more regarding your options if there was negligence on the part of the truck driver while operating his or her truck. Various reasons can lead to truck accidents. You should keep the following information close to help you or your loved one during a tractor-trailer accident.

Shipping trucks are some of the largest vehicles on our roads. They are also referred to as big rigs or tractor-trailers. As such, a higher duty of care needs to be observed by tractor-trailer drivers as they operate their vehicles. This is according to the law. These vehicles have the capability of causing severe damage across several lanes of traffic when an accident occurs. After an accident with a truck it is important to contact a personal injury firm for a free consultation.

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How Do I Know If I Have A Truck Accident Case?

Seeking the help of a car accident lawyer is the only way to know if you have a truck accident case. We often see victims of truck accidents making conclusions that there isn’t anything that they can do. Some even end up thinking it’s their fault. They make wrong judgments most of the time. Remember, something different could have been done by the truck driver to avoid causing the accident. Still, they legally share some if not all the responsibility.

After reaching out to The Shrable Law Firm, one of our investigators will be sent to gather evidence about the accident. Mostly, we discover that many hours have been spent by the truck driver on the road. Their road logs may show they didn’t get quality sleep or that the truck may have likely failed a roadside inspection. This evidence is critical to your case. It gives you a strong defense since it shows that you weren’t at fault. It points an accusing finger on the trucking company.

Why Do I Need A Columbus Truck Accident Lawyer?

Lots of money is spent by trucking companies on liability insurance. Theoretically, all your medical costs are supposed to be covered by this insurance once you are involved in an accident. However, insurance companies usually don’t want to pay for these costs. With huge legal teams, they’ll fight to pay you less than you deserve.

Usually, insurance companies will call immediately after the accident to offer you money. They are aware that you are already faced with medical bills and that you may be having financial worries. If you agree to sign their paperwork, you get some quick money. Don’t even think about signing their papers. When you do this, you are waiving up any right you have to any additional money. You’ll be on your own once you are told you need medication, surgery, or physical therapy after you sign the papers today. We have seen this happen countless times.

A truck accident lawyer in Columbus GA reviewing a settlement offer..

Make sure you talk to one of our truck accident attorneys in Columbus, Georgia, at The Shrable Law Firm first. Talk to us before reaching any settlement with the insurance company. Sitting down with us for a consultation on your rights wouldn’t hurt. Would it?

What Are The Differences Between Truck Accidents And Car Accidents?

The weight of a trailer and fully loaded semi-truck can be nearly 80,000 pounds. That’s almost the equivalent weight of 25 typical cars. Since tractor-trailers are quite heavy, they can do disastrous damage. Even a relatively minor collision can result in serious damage.

Here are some other factors that make these accidents more dangerous:

  • Semis don’t stop as quickly as other vehicles, and semi-truck accidents usually involve high speeds
  • Semi-truck drivers have limited visibility of vehicles behind or beside them
  • Tipping over and/or “jack-knifing” are common occurrences in many truck accidents
  • Hazardous or flammable substances are carried by some trucks

The semi-truck drivers are held to higher standards since these vehicles are dangerous. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) should be carried by a semi driver. He or she should also abide by the regulations to ensure he or she isn’t fatigued, distracted, or overworked. These rules are followed by most of these professional semi drivers. Unfortunately, they may sometimes stay for long days on the road to meet demanding deadlines. Semi-truck accidents are common due to driver distraction and fatigue.

What Are Common Causes Of Truck Accidents In Columbus GA?

Our Columbus, GA, truck accident attorneys at The Shrable Law Firm have found several regular causes of these accidents. Every year, there are thousands of truck wrecks. They are caused by several factors including:

Driver Fatigue

Truck driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck accidents in the US. Big rig operators and employers often disregard the amount of rest and off-time required by federal regulations for truck drivers. These safety standards are ignored to reap higher profits and shorten drive times.

Distracted Driving

There are lots of potential distractions today on our roads for any motor vehicle driver. Threats are posed when a driver is texting while driving, using GPS devices, or engulfed in other irrelevant activities.

Reckless Driving

A driver’s judgment can be affected by the pressure to meet set deadlines. He or she may jeopardize safety guidelines. Excess speeds, tailgating, unsafe lane changing as well as ignoring traffic signs and signals are some of the dangers that come with such pressures.

Drug Use

Usually, impairment is more likely to be caused by amphetamines rather than alcohol when one is drunk driving. These substances are taken to help truckers stay awake while driving. However, considerable risk is posed to both truckers and other drivers when any drug is used.

Oversized Freight or Improperly Secured Cargo

The center of gravity of a truck can be affected by an improperly secured cargo. It can shift inside and increase a rollover’s likelihood. The center of gravity is also affected when the storage compartments of a commercial truck are overloaded. This increases the truck’s wreckage risk.

Poorly Trained or Inexperienced Truck Drivers

Some trucking companies may try to cut corners by not properly training their drivers. They try to save time and end up putting such drivers in charge of 18-wheelers.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Weighing nearly 80,000 pounds, semi-trucks are driven thousands of miles yearly. These miles take a toll on these trucks. Constant wearing out of parts happens. These parts need to be constantly replaced. Accidents occur when routine inspections and maintenance are disregarded by trucking companies, drivers, and mechanics.

What Are Some Common Injuries We See With Truck Accidents?

Some of the most mortifying accidents on our roads today involve 18-wheelers. This is due to their massive sizes and weights. Findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that more serious injuries and higher death rates are experienced in semi-truck collisions as compared to passenger vehicle collisions.

Common injuries in truck accidents include:

  • Burn injuries
  • Limb loss
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Critical brain injury
  • Back and neck injuries

Our attorneys are well aware of the impact of these injuries on your life and wellbeing. Rehabilitative expenses and medical bills aren’t the only consequences that are brought about by severe injuries. Trusting an insurance company with your future isn’t a smart move. Don’t do that. For you to unearth the true merits of your case, contact us today for a free consultation.

Can I Get Compensation For My Truck Accident In Columbus GA?

You could be compensated for your truck accident. This depends on the accident’s severity and its circumstances. Compensation could include:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost income
  • Ongoing long-term care
  • Medical bills
  • Home modifications
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced earning capacity

A truck accident in Columbus, GA.

Trucking accident cases can be quite complex. They may involve intimidating legal processes. Leave all your recovery stress to us. We’ll see to it that all your medical bills are met. If necessary, we’ll help you with your hospital visits to extended care. The leading bankruptcy cause in America is medical debt. However, with the help of the right personal injury attorney, you have a real chance at getting compensated thereby avoiding any unnecessary debts that most truck accident victims endure.

What Does Georgia Law Say About Truck Accident Liability?

You’ll require the help of a knowledgeable Columbus personal injury attorney with extensive experience in truck accidents in case you’ve been involved in a tractor-trailer accident. It may at times be tricky to ascertain the liability in these accident cases. The truck driver may be held responsible for engaging in activities such as drunk driving or excessive speeding. In other situations, the liability for damages may be transferred to the trucking company.

For instance, severe damage can be caused as a result of improper cargo checks, or incomplete or poor vehicle maintenance. This necessarily doesn’t mean that the driver is at fault. Other parties may be held accountable by the law once the accident’s cause is determined by investigators.

Is There A Deadline To File A Truck Accident Claim?

Yes, both federal law and Georgia state law are used by the court system in Columbus to set deadlines. All rights to your claim will be lost if you don’t meet this deadline. Truck accident claim deadlines can run for up to two years from the date of the accident. However, exceptions can be made to this deadline that gives you much less time. You should talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

Contact Our Columbus Truck Accident Attorneys For A Free Consultation

People in the car often get injured or die when cars and trucks collide. Get to know more about your rights if you were in an accident recently. You can also find out the legal options available for you by talking to a compassionate personal injury attorney. At The Shrable Law Firm, we are here for you!

At The Shrable Law Firm in Columbus, GA, one of our truck accident attorneys will help you with the appropriate legal action if you have suffered any trauma, injuries, or financial loss. This may be due to someone’s reckless driving, speeding, driver fatigue, or negligence. Some cases may involve arriving at a monetary agreement with the trucking company liable for your accident. Litigation may also be necessary for you to be rightfully compensated.

At The Shrable Law Firm, we understand the devastation involved in truck accidents. Our dedication is to make the resolution of your case as painless and quick as we possibly can. Our team of attorneys will answer all your questions and present all the legal options available for your case. Most importantly, we will help you in the pursuit of justice. Call us today or contact us through our 24-hour chat service or online form contact.