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Alimony (also known as spousal support) is a type of payment plan that can make divorce less economically damaging for the lower-income party. Although spousal support is not guaranteed in Georgia, the judge will still take several factors into consideration when deciding on any alimony arrangements, to ensure that one partner does not suffer serious financial problems in the aftermath of divorce.

When you need help with figuring out spousal support payments in Albany, you can count on The Shrable Law Firm, P.C.! With extensive experience helping couples navigate the often-complicated process of requesting and receiving proper alimony, we can stand up for you and protect your financial interests in court if needed.

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Temporary vs. Permanent Alimony

Every state has its own specific rules and laws regarding alimony arrangements, but as a general rule, Georgia spousal support tends to be more limited in scope than other states. Until the Divorce Code of 1980 was passed, Georgia residents had no defined legal provisions for spousal support – and while the court could choose to award it, those instances were relatively rare compared to other states.

Today, however, it’s a little easier for couples to seek out alimony. In Georgia, you can either request temporary or permanent alimony payments. Although there are some cases where the judge may award these payments in a lump sum, it’s more common for them to come in installments over time.

Temporary alimony, also known as “rehabilitative alimony,” is a short-term solution intended to cover the lower-paid partner throughout the divorce proceedings and beyond. This is often the best option for homemakers and partners that have no current source of income, or who will need additional training to re-enter the job market. Permanent alimony may be awarded in certain cases, where one partner will be unable to find gainful employment for the long term, but this does not always extend until the spouse passes away.

Am I Eligible for Spousal Support?

When determining your eligibility for temporary spousal support, the court will first look to get a clear understanding of your shared finances as a couple, and how each partner will be affected after the split. This will include gathering information about each spouse’s living arrangements, day-to-day expenses, and childcare responsibilities, along with their current income. If one spouse needs temporary help to remain solvent, they may be granted alimony.

If you want to petition the court for alimony, or to modify a past spousal support order, our seasoned Albany attorney at The Shrable Law Firm, P.C. can help you resolve the matter. With his honest approach and strong motivation to help his clients, Attorney Beau T. Shrable can pursue the best course of action and maximize your chance of getting a positive result.

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