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Anyone who has been through a divorce can affirm that this process is costly and often contentious. Because of the heightened emotions involved, one of the most difficult parts of this process is property division, or the dividing of all financial and physical assets after the marriage has come to an end.

When you need help navigating these sensitive matters and coming to a positive resolution, our skilled Albany property division lawyer Beau T. Shrable is ready and willing to assist you. With a deep understanding of property division law in Georgia, Attorney Shrable can help you fight for a fair result, using his skills as an experienced trial lawyer and negotiator.

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How Does Georgia Law Handle Property Division?

Every state handles the matter of property division a little differently. Because Georgia is considered an equitable distribution state, any property that was accrued during the course of your marriage will be classified as “marital property” and split evenly between the two parties. Any items that you had prior to marriage will be categorized as “separate property,” and you will most likely be able to keep it.

Although this may sound straightforward in theory, however, it’s anything but straightforward in practice. “Equitable” distribution does not always mean a fifty-fifty split, and will instead be decided based on a number of factors – and unlike in states with community property laws, the Georgia courts retain complete discretion to split up your property based on these factors.

Here’s what the judge may consider when deciding on property distribution matters:

  • The state and value of your separate properties
  • The financial health and wellbeing of each spouse
  • The potential future needs of each spouse
  • Whether one or both parties have committed misconduct and wasted assets
  • How each spouse has acted throughout the divorce

Seek Assistance from an Experienced Lawyer

Property division is a sensitive and delicate matter, and because only the court can ultimately decide how your property will divided, you should consider hiring a qualified property division lawyer in Albany. At The Shrable Law Firm, P.C., we can help you navigate the process of dividing property and ensure that you put your best foot forward in negotiations and in the courtroom. By standing up for your rights and offering reliable, honest legal advocacy, we can maximize your chance of getting a fair outcome, while minimizing the emotional stress and conflict that can often come in these cases.

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