The Shrable Law Firm has a team of outstanding legal professionals who are business litigation specialists. An experienced Georgia business litigation lawyer understands how important fast service is and will focus their expertise on assisting our business clients with resolving the legal issues that they are faced with. Contact our business law firm today to learn how we can assist your organization or company to maintain its momentum and stay the course on your journey towards success.

All businesses, both large and small, will face various kinds of disputes. How effectively and quickly they are able to resolve these conflicts is critical. It makes a significant difference in how much money and time the organization or company will use to deal with litigation processes that are associated with the conflicts between business partners, vendors, suppliers, or employees.

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Why Should You Hire A Georgia Business Litigation Attorney?

Business litigation attorneys are a critical part of the parties that need to present when they are drafting complex contracts that describe control responsibilities and rights of company owners, partners, and officers. These contracts are operating agreements that all parties must honor. Our role in helping the contractual process is to make sure your rights are protected as the owner, business officer, or an influential partner.

As the owner, we believe you know your company much better than everyone else. We offer our deep knowledge of the law in Georgia. Whenever you contact us about services, we will ask you a couple of basic questions about some of the fundamental facts of the situation. If we believe you are better off legally by not pursuing the issue prior to our consultation, we will tell you. Our business litigation lawyer will get a consultation scheduled with you in order to review the essential documents for your business and to obtain as much relevant information that we can. Once we have the findings of the information that has been collected, we will then be in a better position to advise you.

How Does Business Litigation Differ From Traditional Litigation?

Compared to traditional litigation, business litigation is unique in that is mainly focuses on the operations and formation of companies and corporations. This covers the structure of the essential documents which define the responsibilities and roles of owners, officers, partners, and shareholders of the company. Georgia has laws governing the running of corporations and businesses, which can be influenced by the signed operating agreements when companies or organizations are formed.

To Resolve My Business-Related Dispute, Is Litigation Necessary?

Yes, litigation is a critical aspect of the measures taken in order to solve business-related disputes. There are some unique situations where mediation and arbitration may be used rather than business litigation. With arbitration, a neutral third party listens to the two sides and then makes an unbiased, final decision. A neutral third party is also involved in mediation, but in this case, the role is assisting the disputing sides in order to find a middle ground that is agreeable to both sides.

A Georgia business litigation lawyer reviewing a contract.

After handling these legal issues for many years, we now strongly believe and recommend that our clients never favor or rule out one solution over another until they have compared and exhaustively explored all of the options that are available to them.

Can My Business Continue To Operate Even When Faced With An On-Going Litigation?

Yes, it is possible for your company to continue to operate while your litigation is in process. The Shrable Law Firm has the resources that are necessary as well as highly experienced and qualified legal experts that can successfully and quickly help you get your business disputes resolved. We will be fully committed to assisting your company and you to return to your normal operations as quickly as possible. Our business litigation attorneys will develop a strategy that fits the needs of your business that also meets your expectations. You will be kept informed about all steps that are taken and offer you expert counsel and advice on how to make more informed and better decisions about the specific situation that you are faced with.

What Types Of Georgia Business Litigation Cases Are Handled By The Shrable Law Firm?

The Shrable Law Firm’s Georgia business litigation lawyers are fully prepared to take on various business disputes including:

Real Estate Litigations

Our team of real estate attorneys represents real estate brokers, developers, sellers, land appraisers, landowners, and even tenants in the state of Georgia. We have represented many of these clients successfully and assisted them with winning settlements on many different real estate lawsuits, which include:

  • Failing to disclose a real estate dealing’s hidden flaws
  • Landlord-tenant disagreements
  • Breach of a purchase contract or real estate sale
  • Wrongful conduct of a real estate broker or agent
  • Disputes of residential and commercial real estate commissions
  • Breach of a commercial lease

Contact our experienced Georgia real estate lawyers today at Shrable Law Firm so we can discuss your claim with you.

Breach Of Business Torts And Contracts

We have helped and seen many clients who have suffered losses due to various contract and business tort disputes. A claim may easily result from breach of a contract, whether it is a business sales agreement, debt collection note, employment agreement, promissory note, commercial lease, or others.

Our contract lawyers are highly experienced to assist your business with navigating a number of complicated contract litigations. They may pursue claims for specific performance, equitable relief, rescission, compensatory damages, specific performance, money damages, and the fees that are incurred when legal representation is hired. In certain cases, our lawyers can help manage lawsuits that cover claims for breaches of fiduciary duties.

A fiduciary relationship is where one party or person acts for the benefit or on behalf of another individual. The party or person can do so by giving guidance or advice. Breaching fiduciary duty is a type of business tort claim that is handled from time to time by our attorneys. Other of these types of claims include:

  • Tortious interference with a business or contractual relationship
  • Brand, professional, or personal defamation (libel or slander)
  • Fraud conspiracy and negligent misrepresentation
  • Deceiving and biased trade practices
  • Civil conversion and theft

Estate And Trust Litigation

The Shrable Law Firm has attorneys who specialize in estate and trust litigation. Our lawyers have represented individuals who were wrongfully denied their inheritance, which may be personal assets, money, real estate, or anything contained in a trust or will. If you think you have been denied your inheritance unfairly or are a victim of trust or estate fraud, the law does give you the right to seek compensation and justice.

An attorney reviewing an estate case with a client.

Our probate lawyers who handle estate and trust lawsuits also can address matters of fraud, asset mismanagement, undue influence, breaches of fiduciary duty, and more. Our law expects overseers of wills and trust to uphold the stated requirements. They should follow trust ethics or be faced with lawsuits and be forced to compensate victims for their financial losses and damages.

Employment Litigations

Our employment lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge in matters that relate to employment disputes. We handle these cases on behalf of companies and individuals. In most cases, employment disputes that relate to issues such as the breach of non-solicitation, breach of nondisclosure agreements, employee compensation, and non-compete breaches.

The employment contract should contain clear definitions of the roles of workers, right to commissions, shares, severance, salary and other types of employee benefits that remain valid even if this relationship is terminated. Our employment attorneys handle all types of employment-related cases and work on a contingency fee basis. As the client, you will not need to worry about noting having enough money to pay for your lawsuit. If we believe your case does have merits, we will ensure it is heard and is based on the available evidence.

Construction Litigation

The Shrable Law Firm has a team of outstanding Georgia construction attorneys that represent contractors, owners, designers, and suppliers that are faced with a construction lawsuit. We handle these cases for both small and large businesses in addition to individuals who are faced with construction litigation. Our services are offered on a contingency fee basis, which lets you put on a good face when you are opposing a wealthier company with more resources to use.

There are various types of cases that can be involved in construction litigation, which include:

  • Performance bond and payment claims
  • Product deficits
  • Construction flaws
  • Malpractice by an engineer, designer, or architect
  • Breach of warranties and contracts
  • Construction disruptions and delays

The construction lawyers at Shrable Law Firms handles these as well as other types of related construction-related disputes within Georgia. Our attorneys have assisted our clients to obtain millions of dollars from their settlements. Construction law contains potential claims and specific statutes, and our attorneys will investigate your case to gather the information that is necessary to come up with a strategy to help you win your case.

Partnership And Shareholder Disputes

Our teams of lawyers specialize in Georgia partnership and shareholder disputes across various industries. Our attorneys can handle cases involving accountant firm partnerships, real estate partnerships, law firm partnerships, medical partnerships, and others. These corporate attorneys have the expertise and knowledge in dealing with such claims as:

  • Breaches of non-compete, non-solicitation, and trade secret agreements
  • Inapt management self-dealing and compensation
  • Negligent management
  • Violations of operating agreements, contracts, and partnership statutes
  • Misuse of assets and embezzlement
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty

In addition to these types of disagreements, our lawyers can also prosecute claims for minority shareholders and owners who have experienced oppression in a way that harms their business or relationship/reputation with their customers or clients. Whether you are disputing your partnership role or you are a shareholder who is being undermined, we have skilled and experienced business attorneys that have unique and distinct expertise that is well-suited to your case.

Intellectual Property Litigation

The Shrable Law Firm has a team of intellectual property attorneys that represent clients with cases involving copyright, patent, and trademark infringement. Also, we handle issues that relate to stolen trade secrets. We have successfully handled complicated intellectual property lawsuits and protect the proprietary information of our clients. The attorneys who are assigned to your case are specialist and experts with claims including:

  • Online trademark infringement (trademark use that is unfair in domain names, cybersquatting, and pay-per-click advertising)
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Misappropriation of a business brand, including company/corporate images and names
  • False advertising
  • Misleading or unfair business compensation and practices

You should call our intellectual property infringement lawyers if your business or you are a victim of this type of misconduct. We have legal professionals who specialize in these types of cases that are uniquely qualified to work on your case. They will be the attorneys on your side that you need if want to seek damages for lost profits, royalty payments, and even triple (treble) damages.

Professional Liability And Legal Malpractice

The Shrable Law Firm has assisted numerous clients with recovering millions of dollars for the losses they have incurred due to the incompetence of their former lawyers, insurance brokers, and even insurance and investment brokers. For example, a lawyer will have committed legal malpractice if she or he failed to exercise due diligence when they handled a client’s legal matters, case or any directives or actions that cause substantial harm. The following are some of the legal malpractices that have been handled by our attorneys:

  • Failing to inform a client of any conflict of interest that exists.
  • Errors in forming a corporation or partnership.
  • Approving unauthorized settlements.
  • Recklessness or negligence when drafting contracts as well as related documents
  • Not following the instructions of a client
  • When filing lawsuits, failing to follow the statute of limitations

A business lawyer reviewing a legal malpractice case.

Our Georgia attorneys have extensive experience dealing with malpractice that is associated with illegal conduct of insurance brokers and agents or accountants. They can assist you with suing those professionals to recover financial damages. For example, an accountant may fail to act in a proficient manner and properly audit financials, and therefore cause investors to suffer economic losses.

An insurance agent, on the other hand, may fail to evaluate the interests, needs, or expectations of their client appropriate, and therefore offer her or him insufficient coverage. In this type of situation, you should consider our attorneys’ services who specialize in broker and accountant malpractices to help you file a lawsuit against them to recover your losses. Contact our law offices for a case evaluation today and to learn more about what legal actions you should take.

Securities Fraud And Investment Losses

We have security legal experts who represent clients who are investors and shareholders who have fallen victim to negligent conduct and fraud of financial advisers, stockbrokers, and other financial industry professionals. They are lawyers with extensive knowledge of the laws that relate to securities and finance. They will assist you with filing lawsuits for various misconducts, including the churning of a broker account, securities fraud, unauthorized trading, margin claims, breaches of fiduciary duties, and unsuitable investment advice.

We have investment loss and security fraud attorneys who have handled such complicated financial disputes for years. These cases are frequently brought forward via an arbitration process by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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At all times we work to understand your case’s unique attributes and your needs so we can provide you with the best legal services. Our attorneys can provide you with personalized attention. They also can proactively weigh the costs and evaluate the risk of each case we handle and inform our clients accordingly. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist your business and you to resolve any existing dispute and keep working towards achieving your goals.