Need a Georgia nursing home abuse lawyer? There are several ways abuse in nursing homes happen. Sometimes the abuse is physical, and other times it can be something else. This includes sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

If a caretaker does not provide proper care to a senior who requires assistance and if they are negligent, then this can be considered elder abuse. In some cases, patients are taken advantage of by their caretakers. For example, caretakers may access their patients’ bank accounts without any permission, and then they spend the money on trips, shopping and more.

When professional caretakers are supposed to take care of the elderly, and the patients don’t receive the care, then abuse is usually happening. When a patient in a nursing home suffers abuse, then they can file a claim against their accused attacker. Furthermore, the nursing home want to use a highly skilled nursing home abuse attorney. Here at the Shrable Law Firm, we are passionate about helping our clients. We fight hard to ensure our clients get the justice they deserve.

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Neglect And Abuse Of The Elderly

Abuse of the elderly is defined as several different things. It begins with domestic incidents, such as an elderly person’s relative may be abusing them. This relative may be a distant relative, a child or even their spouse.

A caregiver who is living in the patient’s home can also be the cause of abuse due to negligence. A class-action lawsuit can be filed, and the company can be held accountable for breaching its contract with its patients. Sometimes people don’t receive the level of care they expected when they enter a facility, and they can sometimes suffer abuse at the hands of staff members.

Financial Abuse of the Elderly

Sometimes the elderly don’t understand certain things that are happening around them. Unfortunately, there are people who take on care jobs with the purpose of having access to the patient’s money. This is not acceptable at all.

A caretaker can take all of their patients’ money without the patients even noticing. This is because they may not be able to check their bank statements or access various types of financial info. In turn. they are vulnerable targets for people who are not honest.

Financial abuse can occur in several ways, such as a caretaker or an individual accesses the elderly person’s bank account to take out money that they end up spending on themselves. It’s abuse because they did not get the permission of the elderly person. Sometimes the person in question will take part in scams or fraudulent activities in order to make the victim believe they are going to pay money for something, but in reality, they are not paying for anything.

Elderly people who suffer financial abuse can lose everything they’ve ever worked for, and this includes savings and assets. Sometimes it’s too late before they realize that they have lost everything. This is because they are usually being taken advantage of someone they trusted and someone that was supposed to oversee their assets and finances.

A nurse being abusive to an elderly woman.

Why Is It Important To Hire An Attorney When Nursing Home Abuse Happens?

The truth is that most seniors are vulnerable. Many people who have aged do not have the best memories, nor do they have the best recollection of events that have happened. If they don’t have good judgment or their memory isn’t that good, then it is too easy for caretakers to abuse them.

Furthermore, caretakers are not always related to the patient. However, there are times when an elderly person’s relatives do take advantage of them. They may have non-genuine and bad intentions from the start, such as taking all of the money that is in the elderly person’s bank.

As soon as elder abuse occurs, you want to come forward with any evidence of it. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney, such as us, should be hired right away. We can help press charges against the people who have been accused of elder abuse.

If you don’t hire an attorney, then those who are being accused of may do anything in order to not get into trouble with the law. They may bring up that the victim doesn’t have a good memory and that they are being falsely accused. Trust us when we say it is in your best interest to hire an attorney when elder abuse is involved.

Why Would A Suspect Claim That Allegations Are Fake?

When a caretaker is accused of abuse, then they will likely try to avoid being prosecuted, which is why they would claim that allegations are fake. They do not want to go to prison or face stiff fines. They’ll sometimes claim that they were given permission to take money or that the patient is accusing them out of spite.

If a patient has dementia or another condition that affects their memory, then they may not have an easy time proving that they are telling the truth. Without an attorney representing them, then they could very well lose their case. It’s always in the best interest of an abuse victim to retain the services of an attorney.

Accident Claims

If a victim has scrapes, bruises or marks on their body, then a caretaker may be the one responsible for causing them. When confronted with abuse allegations, the caretaker may lie and say the person fell or they injured themselves because of something else. The chances are the caretaker will lie about everything in order to avoid getting in trouble for the abuse.

The Self-Defense Strategy

When someone takes advantage of the elderly, they will sometimes say they were acting in self-defense. They will make up stories about how the elderly patient was being abusive, so they had to defend themselves against the abuse. This strategy may sound ridiculous, but it has happened many times in the past.

Without a doubt, the self-defense strategy will continue to be used in the future. This is because abusers will say and do anything to get out of trouble. This is another reason why victims should retain an attorney as soon as possible.

Why Does Elder Abuse Continue To Happen?

There are several reasons why it continues to happen. There are many reasons why the elderly receive abuse, regardless if it’s at the hands of a caretaker or someone they know, such as a relative. There’s no single reason why elder abuse continues to happen.

Workplace Negligence

When a patient resides in a nursing home, abuse occurs due to various reasons, such as negligence. Caretakers might not have been trained properly, or they may not be equipped to provide the right care to specific patients. There are various forms of neglect, such as caretakers not meeting their patients’ needs or not providing them with enough attention.

Some workers might feel overworked and stressed out. This may lead to them abusing their patients. Unfortunately, this happens more than people realize.

Residents of nursing homes in Georgia can file lawsuits against the facility if they end up getting hurt while living at the nursing home or if they fall and suffer an injury. Nursing homes are required to provide their residents with a comfortable and safe living space. They should keep an eye on the residents at all times, which means they should know what’s happening inside the facility and outside the facility.

If there are safety issues that arise, then the nursing home should address them immediately. The sooner they take care of problems, the less of a chance the elderly have of getting hurt. When problems aren’t taken care of, then this is considered negligence.

A male nurse abusing an elderly man.

Sometimes a resident will hurt another resident, and this too can be considered negligence. If this happens, the nursing home can be held responsible. This is because the nursing home should be aware of what’s happening within its facility and should know whether or not there are incidents taking place between residents.

The nursing home’s main priority should be keeping all of their residents safe and they should do what they can to prevent incidents from happening in the first place. If the residents within a nursing home aren’t monitored regularly, then accidents are likely to happen. For example, a resident can wander and go into another resident’s room and cause harm to them.

Nursing homes are sometimes the target of class-action lawsuits. This means they are sued by a group of residents who may have been the victims of abuse too. Patients can suffer from various health issues or bedsores, or issues such as dehydration or they may lose weight quickly and without explanation. There have been cases in which residents have lost weight due to not being properly fed or given beverages to keep them hydrated.

What Should You Do If You Need To Report Abuse?

Do you suspect that abuse is happening in a nursing home because if so, there are a few things you can do. There are Georgia state laws that are in place, and these laws make abuse of the elderly a very serious crime. One way you can report abuse is by calling 1-866-552-4464. The best time to report abuse is during the week because weekdays are when the hotline is open.

Another option is to contact our law firm. We can take your call at any given time, even if it’s the weekend or mornings. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, if you need to report elderly abuse at a nursing home, then give us a call right away. The sooner you do, the better.

What to Do After A Lawsuit Is Filed

After a claim has been lodged against the facility, the nursing home will need to take action. As for specific steps, they may include immediately firing those who have been accused of elderly abuse, as well as conducting an internal investigation and possibly offering the victims a settlement.

If the settlement is not enough to cover things such as the abuse that the patient suffered or medical costs, then the Shrable Law firm will bring the case to trial. We are aggressive and will have no issues bringing the case to a judge. We will present facts and call in witnesses if necessary. We are known for fighting for our clients.

We know what rights our clients have and we believe that nobody should suffer abuse at the hands of the people they have entrusted to take care of them. We do extensive research and will conduct a full investigation to uncover any information that may be useful in court. There are many things we’ll do for our clients, and this includes:

  1. Gather information from medical experts. This helps us learn more about the injuries that the victim has suffered.
  2. Obtain info from the nursing home. This may include footage from surveillance cameras.
  3. Obtain medical records of our clients. We’ll review them and make copies.
  4. Review film from a nanny cam, if applicable
  5. Determine the medical costs associated with the injuries that the victim sustained.
  6. Speak with those who work or have worked at the facility.
  7. Review the financial records of the victims. This may help us prove that funds were mismanaged.

Bear in mind that the above are only a handful of things we can do.

What Happens If A Loved One Has Died From Nursing Home Abuse?

Do you believe that your loved one has died due to the abuse they suffered at a nursing home? If so, then you need to contact us right away. As soon as you do, we will start an investigation.

Your loved one might be gone, but you can still fight for the justice they deserve. We can file a wrongful death lawsuit on your belief and fight for the compensation that your family deserves. We will sue for things such as pain and suffering, expenses and abuse.

Contact a Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The dedicated Georgia injury attorneys at the Shrable Law Firm have helped many clients and we continue to fight for many clients. If you or someone you know have been the victim of elderly abuse, then don’t hesitate. Give us a call right away and we will schedule a free consultation with you. If we think you have a case, we will let you know what the next steps are. With that said, call us now with any concerns or questions you have.