Every property owner in Georgia has a duty, as per the law, to ensure that their premises are safe and free of hazards. If that duty is breached and results in another person sustaining injuries, then the property owner can face a premises liability lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been injured when in another person’s property, we at Shrable Law Firm can help seek compensation for your injuries. Our Georgia premises liability attorneys will guide and advise you on the necessary steps and measures to take.

The injuries can be in a park, store, shopping mall, office building, or a personal residence. You are withing your rights when seeking compensation for the injuries. Our personal injury law firm will help you understand your rights as per the Georgia state law.

Get in touch with us today. Fill out a case review form, and you will be scheduled for a free case evaluation. Keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations that define when you should file the premises liability claim. The sooner you get this done, the better your chances of getting compensated.

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Common Injuries In Georgia Associated With Premises Liability Cases

Anyone who gets injured when on another person’s property in Georgia can file a premises liability claim. The law covers many kinds of accidents; however, some tend to happen more often. Some of the most common accidents associated with premises liability cases include:

  • Tripping or slipping and falling on a wet, uneven, or unmarked step
  • Escalator and elevator accidents
  • Injuries sustained when playing in the park of an unsafe area.
  • Getting struck by a falling object
  • Structural integrities problems that lead to injuries

Georgia premises liability attorneys filing an injury claim for a client.

The above are but a few examples of the type of injuries that we have come across when handling premises liability cases. You are legible to file such a lawsuit for any harm that you or a loved one sustained when on another person’s property or business premises. Get in touch with our law offices to find out more.

Who Is Held Accountable For Injuries In A Premises Liability Case?

Property owners are expected to have insurance coverage that protects them for any unexpected injuries that their visitors or guests sustain. That means property owners are held legally liable for any damages people sustain on their property. Therefore, the owners are expected to exercise reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all that visit their place.

When our lawyer takes on your case, they will consider four facts that will be essential in proving your claim:

  1. If the property was in an unsafe condition
  2. If the owner was aware of the state of their property or should have known about it because they do maintenance checks
  3. The owner failed to fix or get rid of the hazards and did not post warning signs or notify the guests or visitors about the hazardous condition
  4. The injuries you sustained were because of the unsafe state of the property

By establishing these four conditions, we will have proven that the property owner was reckless or negligent and in breach of his or her duty as per the law. If the owner would have to be careful and ensure the place was safe, then you would not have been hurt. As a result, the property owner will be liable for the costs you incurred because of the injury.

What if a Child Was Injured in a Place that they Should Not Have Been?

Children are adventurous and will often wander off when playing and find themselves in abandoned or unsafe areas. It can be places like a half-finished structure, an empty swimming pool, or an abandoned, dilapidated building. If your kid is injured based on such a scenario, you should understand that he or she is not at fault.

Adults are better at assessing situations than children. That is why property owners have a duty of keeping their places safe for everyone, especially children. Therefore, they should get rid of potential hazards and make sure their property is secured to restrict kids from entering without permission. Some of the essential measures that must be taken include:

  • Areas not in use, such as drained pools, must be fenced and locked. The fence should be high enough that kids cannot climb over.
  • Open pits and dug up holes should be covered using a sturdy lid that a child cannot lift.
  • Sites that are under construction should be fenced off and with restricted access to keep out children and unauthorized individuals.

What If The Injury Happened At A Friend’s Or Neighbor’s House?

We’ve dealt with cases where a child or adult was injured when they were at a friend’s or neighbor’s place. Some of the clients were struggling with medical bills, yet they do not want to accuse their friend or neighbor of wrongdoing. Such feelings and attitude towards the matter is natural and understandable. However, it would be best if you also considered the fact that you need to care for your injuries. And this can be a significant financial burden that you are facing, and it’s because of something that is not your fault.

Georgia Premises Liability Attorneys 1

When you reach out to our lawyers, they will help you discover that you need not accuse your neighbor, relative, or friend of any wrongdoing. The injury claim that they will help you file only be between you and the insurance company. That means your neighbor, relative, or friend will not have to pay for your medical expenses out of their pocket. As a result, they might not even be adequately notified about the details of your case.

What If I Sustained The Injuries At Work?

Your rights to safety are unchanged irrespective of where you might be in the state of Georgia, be it in your home, a friend’s place, or the office. If you are injured when at your workplace, you can file a worker’s compensation claim. In such a case, the employer’s insurance providers will cover all the expenses you incur when treating the injuries you sustained at work.

At Shrable Law Firm, our team of legal experts will help you determine if there are grounds for you to file the injuries under a worker’s compensation claim or a regular premises liability claim.

How Long Should I Wait Before I Have To File A Georgia Premises Liability Claim?

The federal and state law is very strict about the deadlines “statute of limitations” set for filing personal injury lawsuits. Furthermore, the Georgia courts are also very strict about adhering to the statutes of limitations. If your claim case is no file within the stipulated period, then you lose the right to recover compensations for your damages or losses.

However, the exact time as to when you should file the claim depends on the details of your case. In some situations, you may have a max of two years from the date of your injuries. Nevertheless, you might have a shorter deadline that can be a matter of weeks within which to file your claim. Give such possibilities it is wise to consider talking to our lawyers as soon as possible and have your case reviewed in good time.

Get In Touch With The Georgia Premises Liability Lawyers At The Shrable Law Firm

If you or your loved one has sustained injuries when on another person’s property, you are legible to file a claim for premises liability accident. We at Shrable Law Firm have handled many such cases. Call our personal injury law firm today and schedule a free consultation today. You also can go online and fill out our case review form or use the chat services to know more about your eligibility for the claim and the steps to take.