It is the responsibility of property owners to notify visitors of any hazardous situation or areas using post signs. If the property owner does not do this, and a visitor gets injured while at the premise, then the person in charge can end up facing liability for any falls or slip injuries. That is because such accidents can be prevented by taking the right action.

Those who are involved in the accident and sustain any injuries can file for a lawsuit against the property owner, often with the help of a Georgia slip & fall lawyer. Furthermore, the victims can seek compensation for any injuries sustained and also for other purposes such as long-term medical treatment, emotional and physical pain, lost wages, and any other damages. If you or your loved one has been involved in a slip and fall accident, then you might want to contact one of our personal injury lawyers in Georgia at Shrable Law Firm.

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What is a Slip & Fall Accident Case?

Slip and fall accidents can occur while at work or when spending quality time with your family. If you are outside taking a walk with your family and all of a sudden, you trip on something and fall; then, you can file for a lawsuit if you are injured. You can also slip in a wet area without knowing and fall. If you sustain any serious injuries while working, then you can file for a lawsuit against your employer.

If you get hurt on someone’s property as a result of slip and fall accident, you can file for a lawsuit against that particular individual especially, if he or she had not posted any signs to alert other people of the hazardous situation. Therefore, property owners are held responsible for keeping the surrounding safe these include the landscape area, sidewalks, floorings, and walls. Furthermore, they should also get rid of any elements that can lead to slip and fall accidents such as spills any other kind of hazardous debris. Property owners are also expected to maintain their premises by making sure that the gutters, handrails, and steps are in good condition.

A Georgia slip & fall lawyer meeting with an injured client.

Lawsuits concerning premises liability can be confusing even for those who live in Georgia. If you find yourself on someone’s property that has hazardous areas and you end up falling, then you can file for a lawsuit if the property owner had not placed warning signs on the dangerous area. If you need help with such a case, you can contact an experienced Georgia slip & fall lawyer at the Shrable Law Firm. Our legal representatives are not only qualified but also licensed by the State to deliver our services. You can contact us today for a free consultation with one of our members.

What Are The Main Causes Of This Kind Of Accidents?

According to the recent report released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, almost a million people living in the United States are injured as a result of slip and fall accidents. Other leading causes of this kind of accident are:

  • Poorly installed floor tiles.
  • Falling merchandise damaged shopping carts and ripping retail displays.
  • Poor lighting around the premise.
  • Wet or slick surfaces.
  • Potholes and broken pavements as well as sidewalks
  • Curled or worn carpeting.
  • Poorly maintained balconies, porches, and stairs.
  • Negligence of cleaning up ice and snow after snowstorm or rainstorm

You can hold the property owner liable for any injuries that you sustain because of any of these reasons listed above. A premise liability lawsuit can be filed if the property owners violate any legal requirements.

What Can Victims Of Slip And Fall Injuries Expect If Compensated?

If you file for compensation for slip and fall accidents, you can expect to be compensated for things listed below:

  • All medical expenses, including surgery, rehabilitation expenses, and therapy, if necessary.
  • Lost wages and reduced income.
  • Long term treatment cover.
  • Temporary or Permanent disability as a result of the injuries sustained.

The Shrable Law Firm believes that it is your right to get the highest reward for your compensation claim, especially if sustained serious injuries.

What Rules are Property Owners Required to Comply with in Georgia?

Property owners in Georgia can be held responsible for injuries if they fail to do the following:

  • Create an environment that has a high risk of slip and fall accidents.
  • Identify a hazard and does not provide a safety solution.

In most cases, the results of a premise liability lawsuit are linked to the answers of the following questions:

  • Did the property owner play the role of making sure the surrounding area is safe?
  • Were there any warning signs places around hazardous areas?

For a premises liability lawsuit to be applicable, the person in charge or property owner must have failed to do the following:

  1. Notify visitors of the dangers involved
  2. Fix any problems that may cause someone to slip and fall.

However, if the property owner does take action and notify visitors of any hazardous areas before any slip and fall cases take place, then it might not be easy to deal with such a lawsuit since the property owner had already put safety measures in place.

However, the jury and judge get to decide whether the property owner had taken proper safety measures or not.

When Can Property Owners Be Held Responsible For Slip And Fall Accidents?

The word “reasonable” is considered to be a common feature used during premises liability lawsuits. That is because sometimes, property owners are not aware of a hazard until it is too late.

Moreover, sometimes slip, and fall victims do not qualify for compensation because of various reasons, such as getting in a hazardous situation that can be seen and avoided.

Because of this reason, liability cases in this region are based on several questions which are: were there any warning signs placed at the scene? Did the person in charge try to provide a permanent solution to the problem?

A slip & fall sign.

When filing for a premises liability lawsuit, you can expect to come across these frequently asked questions:

  • How long has a hazard existed, and did the property owner take time to address this problem so that it can be fixed?
  • How often is the property inspected, cleaned, and repaired? Does the property owner has proof of all these services?
  • Were there any signs put in place to notify people of the hazardous area?
  • What is the primary cause of slip and fall accidents, is it poor lighting, broken pavement, or defective railing?

If the answer to these questions points towards the person in charge, then he or she will be required to compensate all the victims who are involved in slip and fall accidents. You can also make sure that you get fully compensated by contacting the Shrable Law Firm. That is because Shrable Law Firm does more than present you in Georgia courts. Our lawyers will conduct their investigation to come up with more information that can be used in your favor. Moreover, with our help, you can expect to be compensated for lost wages, medical expenses, and the ability to earn.

Which Other Injuries Can Property Owners Be Held Responsible For?

Besides slip and fall injuries, property owners are also held liable for the injuries below:

  • Injuries caused during a crime scene such as robbery and assault.
  • Injuries related to the swimming pool
  • Safety risks found at the premises such as bed bugs, contaminated water, and dog bites.

Can The Employer Face A Lawsuit While At Work For Slip And Fall Injuries?

It is uncommon to find employers facing a lawsuit in this region. That is because the Georgia worker’s compensation system settles such matters. With this option, employees are given the privilege of filing for a compensation claim instead of a lawsuit.

However, an injured employee can decide to file for a personal injury lawsuit if the accident involves a third party.

You also need to be aware of the fact that premises liability laws are a bit complicated in the State of Georgia, and each case is dealt with differently. Because of this reason, you might want to consult a legal representative at Shrable Law Firm. We will discuss your situation and handle all the paperwork for you.

It does not matter how serious your case is we will help you fight for your rights and get the justice you deserve.

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